One thing that I've noticed the more familiar I become with MMA, is that while many great wrestlers are making their way into fighting, there is a dearth of coaches with proven success that have made the jump.

I'm curious to know what everyone thinks of this. It seems that many of the wrestling coaches involved in MMA right now are old school, "drill poster" that, I mean if you remember the old-school drill posters they used to have with the guys being shown frame by frame doing a simple single leg...that type of mentality.

I think this hurts both ways, as there's not enough of an administrative and coaching bridge between the two. Most high school coaches are teaching too, and college coaching jobs are very hard to come by so guys don't leave them all that often. I think demand is there and coaches would be well received, but want to defer to experts on their opinions on that.

What interest/value is out there for good wrestling coaches with proven success?