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Discuss Eddie Alvarez at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by DingoBrigade Shaolin has battled injuries and I don't think he should be ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DingoBrigade View Post
    Shaolin has battled injuries and I don't think he should be overly penalized for it. He has a great resume (19-2!) and has finished the majority of his opponents. Losing to GZ isn't anything to be ashamed of, considering that no one who has faced GZ in the past 4 years has beat him besides Aoki. I do think he still needs to work on his standup, but his work on the ground is nothing short of elite. He transitions as quickly and fluidly as anyone in the world.
    I guess I am penalizing him the same way people have penalized some of the heavyweights who had been inactive. He has not fought since September and that was a tko loss. He has not won in over a year, and he has not beat a top ten fighter in four years.

    I am not debating whether he is a good fighter or whether he is one of the top grapplers in mma. Bottom line he has been inactive and lacks any recent big name wins.

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    I think some people put too much weight on very recent results, as evidenced by Fedor's thrashing of his recent opponent. These guys only fight a few times a year under the best of circumstances and young guys like Fedor and Shaolin aren't going to lose their skills by being slightly less active then other guys with less big wins.

    Of course, very recent wins should carry more weight, but it seems like many ranking bodies almost completely dismiss fairly recent and slightly distant results.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Its obviously a given that he's been the breakout star thus far in 2008. With his performances through out the course of the Grand Prix with his wins over Hellboy and Aoki, how high does this put him in the rankings?

    Dude has definitely made me a fan.
    Alvarez never fought Aoki yet. If he beats Aoki, he is in the top 10.

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    I misspoke, I meant Kawajiri.

    Regardless, Aoki or no Aoki as can be seen he's considered Top 5 almost unanimously now by ranking services.

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