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Discuss Minute-by-Minute on Affliction/UFN at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; OK just read it. It was effing hilarious, all the way through. One of ...
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    Default Minute-by-Minute on Affliction/UFN

    OK just read it. It was effing hilarious, all the way through. One of my favorites:

    9:45 p.m. ?? and that?s why fans love him,? says Jay Glazer (Pictures) of Lindland. I definitely missed something there.
    And this:

    11:38 p.m. Irvin and Silva begin circling each other. Silva usually takes a round to feel out his opponents. I?ll come back to it.

    11:38 p.m. Flurry by Arlovski, but the Affliction ring is so big that Rothwell can backpedal and avoid a concussion. Round one ends.

    11:39 p.m. I flip back to Spike. Irvin is motionless on the ground. He?s apparently been shot by a sniper in the stands.

    11:40 p.m. Big punches by Arlovski. He gets full mount.

    11:41 p.m. Irvin is being helicoptered off to a trauma unit as police search the arena for the assassin.

    11:44 p.m. Flying knee by Arlovski. Rothwell is taking some incredible damage, but doesn?t fall down.

    11:47 p.m. Rothwell?s blood dots the camera lens before he crumbles to the mat. Backstage, Megadeth is sickened by the display as they rehearse a song about child sacrifice.

    11:49 p.m. Rory Markham (Pictures) and Brodie Farber (Pictures) step into the Octagon. I?m surprised authorities would let them contaminate a crime scene.

    11:51 p.m. The crowd loves Arlovski, whose English sure as hell doesn?t get any better when he?s out of breath.

    11:53 p.m. Markham lands a huge, life-altering head kick. Farber falls right next to Irvin?s chalk outline.
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    Default Re: Minute-by-Minute on Affliction/UFN

    yeah the whole "metal is evil" thing wasnt funny. Found that article to be insipid.

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