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    Official Weigh-In Results ? Silva vs IrvinBelow are the official weigh-in results for the Anderson Silva vs James Irvin card, which will take place Saturday night (Spike TV 9pm ET / 6pm PT) at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas.

    Main Event - Light Heavyweight Bout
    James Irvin (206*) VS Anderson Silva (206)

    Reese Andy (206) VS Brandon Vera (204)

    Frank Edgar (155) VS Hermes Franca (155)
    Jake O?Brien (236) VS Cain Velasquez (236)
    Kevin Burns (171) VS Anthony Johnson (170)
    CB Dollaway (186) VS Jesse Taylor (184)

    Brodie Farber (171) VS Rory Markham (170)
    Johnny Rees (183) VS Nate Loughran (183)
    James Giboo (170) VS Brad Blackburn (170)
    Dale Hartt (156) VS Shannon Gugerty (156)
    Cale Yarbrough (186) VS Tim Credeur (185)

    * Irvin initially weighed in at 207.5 pounds but made weight on his second attempt an hour later

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    Light Heavyweights- Ultimate Fighting Championships - Sat 21st Jun

    Both must fight for action. Singles Only. Fight has action if takes place in 2008
    Anderson Silva


    James Irvin

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    I have to believe that Anderson will simply be too slick and technically sound for the hard hitting Irvin. I look for The Spider to carve him up like a thanks giving turkey and finally end it, as a bloodied and battered Sandman stumbles around the cage and takes a little nap.

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