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Thread: Aleks Emelianenko on Kimbo and the UFC

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    Quote Originally Posted by DingoBrigade View Post
    Considering that Nogueira has never been submitted, or even very close to being submitted, I think it's sort of a stretch to say that he leaves himself open for submissions. Ricco and Werdum both have superior BJJ and neither of them were close to submitting him.

    Also, Aleks has never lost to substandard HWTs or a 205 like Mir has. He's lost to 3 elite HWTs and stopped another elite HWT in Kharitonov.

    I think Nogueira is still an elite HWT, but it's his standup and takedown defense that have eroded somewhat, not his ground game. I think Aleks could give him fits, with his strong boxing and elite level Sambo and judo background.

    I'm with you, Claudale, Nogueira/Werdum is a map to Boring City.
    Not that it changes your overall point but Barnett was pretty close to submitting him.

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    yeah, you're right, that's one solid example, but Barnett is pretty darn elite with submissions as well. He had softened him up quite a bit by that point, too. It's still going to be Nog's strong suit and the last thing to go skillset-wise.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    It doens't look like Aleks can even get into the states to fight. Would love to see him in the UFc but not likely with his legal issues back home. And of course he'd destroy Kimbo.

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