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    I heard that this is the place to be

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    So long as you aren't weirded out by the nickname some of the females here have for you I'd like to think that it definitely is.

    Welcome to the board.

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    "The Hurricane" has arrived!
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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    YAY! Welcome. And I heard that hotness is a no-go, so I'll drop it.

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    We dropped milk bags Mcgee so it's only fair...

    Welcome Dlareg, happy to have you on board.

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    Awesome! This is definetly a pleasant surprise. Welcome aboard the Hurricane.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Good to have you here!
    Very disappointed that you did not get a 2nd on TUF.
    Must have been frustrating to see a guy you dominated for most of your fight run the table. Not to take anything away from Amir, his performance was awesome, I'd put big money on you in a rematch. (Of course, I said the same thing about CB)

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    Can you give us some insight on your near future in MMA??

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