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Thread: UFC: Vote for the 100 Greatest Fights

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    Star UFC: Vote for the 100 Greatest Fights

    In celebration of the huge event that will be UFC 100, Spike TV will present a five part series special that will present the UFC's 100 greatest fights. The fans will be the ones voting for those fights on and voting begins today May 1st (vote here at

    MMA fans will have the opportunity to choose their top 100 UFC fights from a massive list of past UFC fights. Those fights were selected by both the UFC and

    Each episode will count down the 100 best fights with action packed moments for each contest. The five episodes will last one hour each and the first one will air on Sunday, July 5 at 9pm ET/PT. The other episodes will air on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and finally Saturday, all at 9pm.

    Do not forget that UFC 100 will air Saturday July 11th at 10pm in Las Vegas.

    So be sure to cast your votes for your favorite UFC fights!

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    Default Re: UFC: Vote for the 100 Greatest Fights

    We should all vote for the old UFC fights they didn't air or include on the old releases. (For instance, I remember Mir's first fight wasn't shown and wasn't on the VHS release (not sure about the DVD))
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    There are a lot of old school fights that aren't on that list.
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    ortiz vs. frank shamrock (not on the list) was not only one of the best fights ever but also one the best sporting events i've ever seen. i'd love to see it again but i haven't been able to find it online.

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