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    Default The marketing of MMA

    Do you think that MMA could garner even more mainstream popularity if it avoided barbaric sounding names like "Affliction", "Cage Rage", "King of the Cage"... etc.?

    Most critics (wrongly) dismiss MMA because they don't see it as a true sport, overlooking the high skill level required of the fighters.

    Even though I disagree with these critics assessment, I think that names like Affliction actually do undermine the true essence and spirit of martial arts. I will watch anyway because I am avid fan, but will this type of "brutality" marketing stand the test of time? If yes, what are the societal implications?

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    Default Re: The marketing of MMA

    Good Question.
    I think that you have some type of name to describe the sport, (Major League BASEBALL, MBA, NFL, etc.). MMA is in essence fighting with rules. Yes there is a ton of different types of Martial Arts, but people see it as fighting. I think that the names draw more people into the arenas and PPV based on the "Savage" names.
    Sooner or later-MMA will be respected as a true elite sport.

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    Default Re: The marketing of MMA

    Excellent question.

    As an amateur wrestling fan, I cringe a bit at some of the names given to HS and college tournaments/events that involve words like "brawl" "fight" "battle" "war." However, as an advertising professional, I understand that these kinds of names help sell the sport... but is it the right image?

    I deal with folks who aren't fans of amateur wrestling, some who I'd call "anti-fans" or "wrestling-haters" who think what goes on in HS gyms and college arenas is minor-league WWE... or worse, that it's brutal, barbaric or sexual. Names that imply violence don't help matters. Then again, these anti-fans may be beyond convincing.


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