On the Nick Thompson situation...
"My man Maoshan had said some shit about mixed martial artist, basically stating his opinion. Everybody got a right to their opinion. It’s the same thing about cats saying Kung Fu ain’t shit, but you don’t see me flipping out about it because I could give a flying fuck. The bottom line is, I don’t even know this dude."
"I don’t know the man, but I ain’t a bitch either. I told my man Shan that he was talking about fighting for $40,000 or whatever it was. He contacted my man Shan back. Like I said, if I’m going to get down, I’m going to get paid, but I ain’t got no money like that. I’m from the hood."
"I respect any man that steps in the ring, but I ain’t going to let no man call me out. I told my man Shan he had to get me an interview with FightHype so I can clear this shit up."
"I study Jiu Jitsu and I spar with a lot of mixed martial artist, but competition ain’t my thing. I do it more for the conditioning. If you want to do this, it is no problem if the money’s right. If he has $40,000, like he claims, then it’s no problem. I know my man can take him out."
"Anybody that knows me knows I don’t even get down like that, talking down on a fighter. The way I feel about it is if Nick approaches me the wrong way, it’s going to be on. This shit is getting crazy. I’m trying to get into the entertainment field man. I’m not even thinking about a fight, but I’ll throw down with a cat."
"Maybe because I’m 40-years-old and whatnot, he’s getting it twisted."
"I don’t want him to get it twisted because he’s saying I said these things and his real problem is my man Maoshan. He’s a good business man and I give him respect for that because I can see the way he’s trying to hype himself up. I follow a lot of these cats like Nick Diaz, Rashad Evans and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson and all of them and they some mean motherfvckers, but who the fvck is Nick Thompson?"
"He’s some Midwest motherfucker. I have seen his clips man. He has a lazy ass left hand and no right hand; he can’t even box."
"I’m not going to shoot a motherfucker. I got friends with mad gyms. My man Rich Garcia got a big ass cage so he needs to fly his ass over here and we can see what the problem is because other than that, I don’t have no beef with him unless he comes at me with some bullshit."
"He’s not even an elite fighter. If he wants to fight, come off of that money."
"Fvck the hype, we can get it poppin’ if he wants to come up with the fvckin’ money. I ain’t coming down out of my weight for his ass either."
"He tried to say I said all of this shit, but I got love for all fighters. Why would I say shit about mixed martial artists?"

Well apparently on the BET boards, Ben Hill the manager of "Iron Ring" trainer Novell G. Bell has been getting real mouthy about MMA fighters being nothing but toughman-level fighters and went as far as saying he would challenge any MMA fighter to try to step to him. Novell G. Bell wasn't as disrespectful but had some choice words for MMA fighters, too. Well some of the guys from the Underground forum ( forums) got word to professional MMA fighter Nick Thompson and he accepted the manager's challenge to a "no rules fight". The manager hasn't accepted yet but these mcdojo losers have no idea what kind of an ass beating they could be in store for. American Top Teamer Mike Hauben waiting to make his pro debut has said he would fight the guy for free as long as he signs a waiver saying he isn't liable for his injuries.

Bell's manager Ben Hill is posting under the name of: Maoshan
Bell himself is posting under the name of: BlackTaoist
They begin posting on page two, they both apparently practice Kung-Fu and are some form masters or something. Video Response To Nick Thompson maoshan's techniques Ba Gua Extravaganza Maoshan art of defense Nick's Response