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Thread: MMA OWN Scoring System and Revised Criteria

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    Does MMA needs an OWN Scoring System and should it revised its Scoring Criteria?..we know what happened when the Decision will come to the Judges hands like in the Griffin/Jackson fight and IMO I think MMA should apply its own scoring system which is like its adapting to the framework of boxing and revised its existing scoring criteria so that it will be more clear and acceptable to the public to who really won the fight

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    I think overtime might be an appropriate solution. Keep the judges scores, but if they are very close or split, make them fight an additional round(s). This will offer incentive for the fighters to go at it harder during the regular rounds (in order to end the fight while they still have juice) and provide a legitimate end result during the round or on the score cards (assuming that the fight doesn't end until there is a clear winner due to a wider gap in the scores).

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