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Thread: Matt Lindland Claims That UFC Contracts Are Illegal

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    Default Re: Matt Lindland Claims That UFC Contracts Are Illegal

    “If they are telling you who and when you are going to fight, they are the manager as well as the promoter.”

    Bogus claim. They OFFER those fights. People turn them down all the time. Just in the past few weeks, I've heard about Wanderlei turning down a fight with Vera, four guys turning down fights with Anderson Silva, and Vera turning down a fight with Machida.
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    Default Re: Matt Lindland Claims That UFC Contracts Are Illegal

    Zapp-I agree to some of it, but if you keep turning down fights, they will not retain you and they are not allowed to have anyone really backing them. I know that many are starting to get actual managers. The guy that trains Chuck is actually considered his manager and helps with the promotions. I think that many of the "big" names do have some type of mananger, but the new and unkown fighters are still being taken advanage of. I don't know-I know I would fight in the UFC if they called and told me that i was going to fight fighter A for X amount of dollars---Unless the Donald called and Trumped their offer (like my play on words-ha ha), then i would be in Anhiem on the 19th of July fighting. Its not always about the money, but it tends to suck you in.

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