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    Just a discussion type thread, but do you think that fighters should be able to have a video review (very rare cases). I just think that there seems to be some shady ref stoppages and I know they are always looking out for the safety of the fighter, but some cases seem that they should be some type of review. Gerald Harris might have a case with his TUF lose and Vera maybe???
    CB Dollaway has absolutely no case in this video review even though he should up like he did not tap!!!
    Any Thoughts??

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    Interesting idea. I don't think a video review would be as useful in the UFC as it would other sports. There are so many cases where people are knocked out and come to 1 second later. If the fight wasn't stopped, they would probably just keep getting pounded or choked out. I think controversial stoppages are always going to be part of the sport. Oh, and FWIW, I think that of the matches you mentioned, only Vera could possibly be "overturned". As much as I like them, Gerald got hit w/ a monster knee and then was face down in the canvas and not moving for 3-4 seconds or so, and the tape confirmed that CB did tap. I don't remember the Vera fight that well, but I remember thinking that it seemed like a premature stoppage.
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    How in the world would video review do anything in reference to the Harris and Vera stoppages?

    Stoppages in instances like that are up to the referee's discretion, not much will change with having them watch it again.

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    Video review might make sense for penalty points.
    For KOs it has to be left up to the ref's instantaneous decision.

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    Yeah, a fight to make a better case for review would have been Marquardt v. Leites.

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    Reviews wouldn't work, IMO. Say, as in Gerald's case, the ref jumps in and stops the fight. It goes to review, and is deemed that Gerald can continue. Well, you just screwed over Amir, horribly, by letting his injured man up to get his senses back about him. Interesting idea, but impractical IMO. The stoppage is a judgement call by the ref. Some will be good, some will be bad, but you gotta stand by it, and hope most are good.

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    After last night UFN, I had to bring this thread back into the discussions.
    The fight between Anthony Johnson and Kevin Burns was a possible example of being able to review video. The fight should have been a No Contest. If you can poke in the eye and win fights (especially after having been repeatedly told to stop it), why not just do it all the time and claim they are always accidents. I don't however think that Kevin Burns poked Johnson in eye on purpose, but they should not have awarded the fight to him like that. I was clearly a misfortune and should not have been decided like that IMO.

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    I thought it should have been a DQ. Anytime you foul someone and they cannot continue, the person fouled should win by disqualification. I hope the decision gets turned over to a no contest.

    With that said, I am all for video review. But I don't think you can use it to determine early stops, rather to see if someone was fouled, if the time had expired, if someone tapped, etc. Notice last night JY Moeny tapped once and the ref right on top of it did nothing until JT tapped again, that time 3 taps, then the ref jumped in and stopped it. The CB fight should have been handled the same way. Touching your opponents leg once doesn't constitute a tap and CB should have been allowed to have his arm broken. If one touch is all it takes to constitute a tap out, every time a fighter throws a strike, he's tapping out.

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