Couture: ?I was in Control for Most of the Fight?

her quotes:
"Well, I just walked out there to touch gloves and she just hit me. She wasn't interested in touching gloves and that first shot is what broke my jaw. My left hand wasn't even up to protect myself -- it was straight out to touch her glove. She took her shot, connected it and dropped me. That first shot is what broke it."
"maybe she just completely forgot to touch gloves?"
"I'm glad that [the ref] didn't stop [the fight]. Luckily he wasn't a wimp like some of the other people [those who say the fight should have been stopped] would have been"
"I didn't think I was getting beat for three rounds the entire fight. I felt like I was in control for most of the fight."
"At the very end of the third round, I finally cleared my legs to where they needed to be. I had the arm choke and if I would have had five more seconds I would have finished her."
"she cracked me when I was trying to touch gloves,"
"I just want you to go back and re-watch the fight on tape. I promise you that you'll feel differently about the fight."

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