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Thread: Who would you fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by p-jersey View Post
    I believe you are a little too old for Gina; leave her to the young bucks.

    Young PJ, I would in fact leave fighting her to you young bucks. I'd be there to nurse her wounds after she finished with you youngings, that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerdindon View Post
    Too make it as short as possible, but I went to high school with him, taught him how to wrestle, was best friends with him, then he got kicked off of the team for fighting and fell off the face of the earth. When he was trying to get his act together and come to ASU, we let him live with me, and he could never pay rent or anything, so we (my parents mainly because I was too nice) had to tell him that he couldn't stay with me anymore. He proceeded to steal everything and trash the apartment. I'm honestly surprised he is still alive, he's done so much stuff like that to sooo many people, and he's just a lunatic.

    read that. haha the irony isnt lost on me.

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    I have made my mind up.
    and the winner is:

    Gabe Rudiger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimach View Post
    I would fight Fedor, in DREAM or Affliction and I figure that I had at least a small chance that he would underestimate me and I could get a good right hand in and bust his eye which would lead to a single leg on the bad side, convert to a double and get the takedown, work the eye like Arona did to Sakuraba and at least get a Dr. stoppage.
    i would like to retract my statements above. after seeing the man fight live, i now know that I wouldnt be able to get the right in without eating 8-10 punches of which 6-8 would hit me while I was on laying on the ground

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