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It's a peeve of mine, too, and it seems to be a growing phenomenon--fighters fighting conservatively enough that they take few risks and grind out a snoozer of a win, or, even worse in my book, guys like Dante Rivera fighting to lose without being stopped or 'looking bad'. Rivera knew he had very little chance after the first rounds of his last two fights and yet did nothing to open up or fire up a hail mary. Baroni ain't gonna ever do that and I respect that about him. He might take a snooze in the cage/ring, but he's not going to ever be a coward either. Not saying Rivera or Machida are cowards, FTR.

I also agree that Machida is a great technical fighter. I just think one Machida is bordering on one too many. I hope the next wave of fighters isn't trying to ape his style. They should ape his technique, but not his approach to fighting.

Too bad machida doesnt read forums. Might goad him into fighting like a man! haha