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Thread: DREAM 4 Review and Results

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    Source: Submit To MMA

    Whether these DREAM events come to us from the Saitama Super Arena or the Yokohama Arena, the bottom line is that DREAM is truly reminiscent of the former PRIDE organization. Along with this, so are their grand prix style tournaments.

    Which brings us to DREAM 4 - the next round of the middleweight tourney. So, let's get this tournament review going Submit To MMA style.

    Shinya Aoki vs. Katsuhiko Nagata : A Gogoplata from the top

    Every now and then, you see something in MMA that you haven't before. That wasn't the case when Shinya Aoki took his opponent down. Nor was it the case when he mounted him.

    But when he pulled off that gogoplata from the top position, particularly in the way that he did it; well, that certainly was something I haven't seen before.

    Shinya Aoki wins via first round submission.

    Alistair Overeem vs. Tae Hyun Lee : Can you say knockout?
    Overeem almost hurt himself early on in

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    Very cool sub by Aoki, and certainly something that I had never seen either. Scroll down for the vid, if it doesn't get taken off.
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    I think its time for Sak to hang them up...

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    Miller just came up short, props to Jacare

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