is the MMA revolution started? I mean in this times, Media and some people are starting to take interest in MMA, while it's really entertaining to watch the sport but it's also a big potential Milking cow for companies and businessman, we are starting to see Tycoons like Trump,Cuban and others engaging in this sport, which i hope all of them will really help the sport reach the not only the Mainstream level but Make the sport of MMA a sport wherein Fighters will have a venue to earn Big Money for their future security,even Big entertainers and celebrities are taking part whether performing or watching it live at the events , guys like Busta Rhymes,The Rock,Mandy Moore,Dennis Spades,Kevin James and many others, and now i heard that Megadeth will perform in Affliction Banned event..MMA also is making waves at politicians who doesnt want the sport to exist but its inevitable that the silent MAJORITY wants the sport to live and to prosper and lastly more and more Casual Fans are being converted to Hardcore Fans