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    If you missed the IFL event last night you missed a good night that included one outstanding fight between Schultz and Taurovecius. Check out the review here:

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    I wonder who is next in line to challenge Schultz for the belt. I'd like to see Jim Miller, since he dismantled Bartimus. Or I'd like to see the rubber match with Horodecki, but it's probably too soon for that.

    I also wonder who they are going to get to fight Nelson next. I'd like to see him do some kind of cross-promotion event so we can see how he stacks up against some of the top ranked HWTs. There was talk that he should be ranked top 10 in the world, so I'd like to see how he would hold up against some higher caliber fighters.

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    I agree with everything you just said, DH. Jim Miller is excellent and Nelson would be an interesting match up for a lot of people outside the IFL.

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