I have not been around on here lately and for that I apologize to my fellow mma enthusiasts.

Recently while at work I attempted to log on when I to my horror I realized the site was now blocked. I was particularly upset because I came on to ream someone out for a dumb comment (cant remember who probably claudale or snakerattle) and was unable to do so.

To make matters worse my computer was not working for the past week so I was not able to start pickems contest or provide expert analysis leading up to UFC 97.

The bad news is the site is still blocked at work the good news is my computer is working again. I will do my best to log on here and get some action going again. Claudales wrestling season is winding down so we should see more of him, and hopefully adolf will crawl out of whatever hole he has been hiding. I heard his family business has been struggling lately so that may be the reason for his lack of time spent on here lately. He also is obsessed with me so my absence may be playing a factor as well.

I sent an email to fat boy cap to join us but have no heard back. Im gonna try to egg him on a little more and see if he has any heart or will cower out again.

Hopefully Gerald gets his blog going and we can get some excitement back on this board.