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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    thecobra said "Great effort keep it up. Many good things ahead.

    "where is your kid going to college and how deep in your pockets are you digging?"

    Thanx, I have a long way to go, but I have big plans for 07'

    OK, I'll pick it up from here. That was in November of 2006 and that title defense was supposed to be December 10th - not November. After my November 06 bout I decided to wrestle in Midlands. My application was accepted.

    I had a great tournament, but I was injured in the consolations and had to forfiet out to 8th place. I would take a fight over a wrestling tournament "any day"!!!! That was hard on my body and I do not plan on doing it again.

    At this point I was still teaching from 8-3pm coaching wrestling from 3-5pm, and running club from 530pm-7pm then running to the gym to hit the bags or do some light drilling.

    I had no way of training like a real fighter. I did this all the way until March where I held a title defense for FCF while barely training. Basically, I was just wrestling and running to stay in shape.

    The fight went well, but I wrestled to much. I had 0 stand up skill, but great ground and pound along with big slams. I won my major decision, but it was poor performance.

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    Well, it's now March 2007 and I'm still teaching/coaching/fighting. All this to pay the bills. Within this next month I will fight 3 times!!!!!

    The first fight was the March 10th title defense. That same night I was called and offered a fight against Curtis Stout - he was a UFC veteran who went 3 rounds with Phil Baroni and also fought Anderson Silva.

    Was I ready for this fight? Hell Naw, did I take it because it paid great - Hell yeah! Not smart, but I'm a wrestler and we tend to think we can whoop anyone. So, this fight is set to take place March 23rd in his hometown in Kansas at the Titan Fighting Championships. I immediately flew to Ohio to train with my old college buddies that were into mma. The gave me some tips and training to prepare for this very tough bout.

    I was 5-0, but had no stand up skills and Stout was a knockout artist. Along with his 6'2 frame - he was very experienced and was very well rounded.

    This is what most people call a "make or break" fight - If I win, then I'm the man - If I lose then it's back to square one.

    To make the long story short - I had an fan club of about 6 family members in the crowd and he was like LeBron to the Kansas people.
    We started off fast, but somehow I double legged him and landed on my back!!!! He had full mount, but I had drilled this position all weekend. I bridged him over without panick, with 2 seconds left on the clock I hit him with a hammer fist that sent him to la la land! He was out cold, staring into the sky. I jumped up and celebrated!!!!!
    I was 6-0 with a victory over a UFC veteran.

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    Next up is an April 13th bout in the IFL
    After the Stout victory, I was invited to train with Team Quest in Portland Oregon over spring break. This was a rude awakening for me - because I had never sparred before. Its almost like never wrestling live in practice then going to compete in a tournament? It was a rough week, but one of their IFL fighters was injured and they were impressed with my performance enough to offer me the fight as a replacement.

    I had no idea what the IFL was plus my opponent was 3X BJJ World Champion Fabio Leopoldo. After seeing the numbers, I rushed to sign the Team Quest contract along with the IFL bout agreement. I flew back to Oklahoma and did sprints/wrestled for a week before heading to the IFL fight. This was a live televised event along with a crowd of 14,000 - and I loved every minute of it - except the controversial decision.

    You be the judge?
    Gerald Harris vs Fabio Leopoldo (fight highlights directly from the IFL org)

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    I dislocated my index finger in this bout, so I was unable to train or compete for a month. I had signed to Team Quest, so I was under the guidance of Matt Lindland, but I lived in Oklahoma.

    In July I was training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado to help my younger brothers Jeremy Goree and Christopher Harris prepare for Junior Nationals. I got a phone call from LC Davis who was a Pat Militech fighter for the IFL Silverbacks team and a good friend from Kansas.
    He told me they needed a middleweight to fight Benji Radach because their guy couldn't compete. Once again, the money was good, so I took the fight. Now this is a bout that I shouldnt have taken, becuase I was not ready. Radach was not only a UFC veteran, but his record was 20-4 he had great wrestling and heavy hands. All I had was great wrestling. I did my best, but came up short after holding onto a single leg to long and hit with an uppercut that dazed me pretty bad.

    After the loss I decided to quit teaching, relocate to Oregon's TQ, and become a full-time fighter.
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    In August I moved to Oregon and I became a better fighter, but didn't see any competition until my old friend from Oklahoma called me with in offer. So I told my manager and headed back to Oklahoma for a small town fight in November.

    I won by first round TKO, but was unhappy with my financial situation. The training was great, but I was not getting any fights. From April 2007 to December 2007 I had 2 fights that were booked by old friends. Along with training full time, I was the maintenence man at an apartment complex on the weekends and taught wrestling at Team Quest to make money. In January of 2008 I could no longer afford to live in Oregon, so I packed up and planned to move back to Oklahoma with my mother.

    From late November to January, I was communicating with the UFC as a possible candidate for The Ultimate Fighter reality show. This show had boosted the careers of many great fighters like Gray Maynard, Rashad Evans, and a countless list of active fighters. I didn't take it serious until the call in January that said.
    "May I speak to Gerald Harris?" this is him, who is this? "This is #### from Spike TV and you have been chosen as a cast member for TUF7. I almost passed out! It was unbelievable, so I had to ask the person a few times if it was a prank call.

    It was true, and I flew to Vegas a few days later to be a cast member after signing contracts and attending short meetings for the do's and dont's of the show.

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    In the past - people were selected and a cast of 16 fighters battled it out to see who could be TUF champion.

    They had a surprise for us!!!! There were 32 guys and we had to fight to get on the show. I thought it was a cool idea but a lot of guys quit their jobs and gave up a lot to come there thinking they made the cast. I had nowhere else to go but my mommas house, so I had to win this fight.
    I won my decison, but it was enough to get in the house
    and was selected to TEAM RAMPAGE!!!!!!

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    This was a great opportunity to get in the UFC and build a large fan base. In the house it was pretty boring - no phone, internet, tv, or communication with the outside world. After watching a few fights I was selected to fight an unknown guy that eventually won the entire tournament by surprise.
    I did well in the fight, but wrestled too much again, I was caught with a mauy thai knee while we were in an over under tie up. It dazed me enough for the ref to stop the bout and I immediately protested and lost my mind.
    I knew that it was over and I had nothing to fall back on. Amir got 10 grand and I recieved nothing for the fight. I was devestated and soon after, I felt pain in my eye and ankle. I had torn ligaments in my ankle, bruised the bones, and tore my cornea in my right eye from a thumbnail.

    In all I had a great time on the show - I became good friends with a lot of fighters including Rampage Jackson. We had some good times even though I was not a winner on the show.

    When it was all over, I was dissappointed, but determined to have a good showing at TUF Finale.

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    Taping ended in March and the Finale was schedule for June. I headed back to Oklahoma at my mommas house and trained hard - Then I got another call from the UFC!!!!!!

    Except, this call was not as great as the last one.

    "Hello, may I speak to Gerald Harris" this is him - "This is #### from The Ulitmate Fighting Championships. Im calling to let you know that you have not been selected to compete at TUF finale in June and you will be released from your contract following this event.

    I can't lie - a tear ran down my face - because of my allergies :-)
    I had big hopes and dreams for that finale bout and financially I would have been making more than I could imagine. I was hurt, but again determined to get better and work my way back in the UFC. I had no harsh feelings towards them because its a business and you can't go around trying to make everyone happy. It was up to me to make them "want" me back.
    I called Lindland and let him know the news, so I couldn't afford to return to Portland. I called Rampage and he invited me to his camp to prepare for Forrest Griffin.

    Late May I recieved a plane ticket to Big Bear, Cali and participated in the Rampage vs Forrest Camp.

    During camp we attended TUF7 Finale and watched Amir defeat CB for the title -It was hard to watch, but a learning lesson to train harder and improve.

    It was a great experience and we even got to go to the fight later that summer. 1 week after the fight in July, I had my first victory after TUF 7 and my first step towards getting back in the UFC. I won by TKO in the 1st round over a fighter with more than 50 bouts in his career.

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    My next bout was scheduled for August 2008 and I was living in Arizona, because my mother had relocated for her job. I joined Arizona Combat Sports and trained with CB, Ryan Bader, Jamie Varner, Jesse Forbes, coached by the Lally brothers. They treated me like family.

    I had called TQ and asked for a release, because I was unhappy with management. We are still good friends, but agreed to part ways.

    The next bout was against a former wrestler who claimed I defeated him in college? I didnt remember him, but agreed to the bout. I won by major decison making me 2-0 after TUF7!

    I continued to train and had been a full-time member of a boxing gym since March 08 so my stand up was improving. Rampage called me after my August bout and invited me to the Wolfslair Gym in Liverpool, England. I was going to be a sparring/wrestling partner for the Bisping vs Leben camp.
    I happily accepted his offer and headed to England to train with Bisping, Rampage, and Cheick Kongo for 5 weeks.
    Camp was great and I learned so much about the elite fighters - I saw what it took to be at the top with the main guys.

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