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    The first 22 posts of this blog were pulled from Gerald's blog on TheMatForums from 10/31/2006 - 04/12/2007. Everything after the 22nd post will be made by him. Feel free to ask your questions and stay up to date with Gerald's professional fight career.

    Find him online at: for apparel & more information about him!


    -This blog is to provide information on my Mixed Martial Arts, Folkstyle,
    Freestyle, and possible Real Pro Wrestling career. I will not
    post information or respond to questions about teams that I work out
    with, individuals, or any specific/personal information about
    anyone other than myself. I will post competition
    results and other information

    feel free to e-mail me @

    Name: Gerald Harris II
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Tulsa, Ok
    College: Cleveland State University
    Weight: 184/185
    let me start off by introducing myself. I'm a teacher, wrestling
    coach, football coach, Folkstyle/Freestyle wrestler, and MMA Fighter,
    father of two, with custody of two teenagers. Pretty busy
    huh? I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma - graduated from
    Tulsa East Central High School and finished my education at
    Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH) I was a 2x state
    placer (2nd, 3rd) High School All-American (8th/98') and Freestyle
    Junior National All-American (6th/98') After graduation (BA
    History - Fall 03') I served a year as Graduate Assistant while
    attending graduate school at CSU, then I moved to Florida to
    teach/coach for two years. Now it's 2006 and I have moved back to
    my hometown and started a new life.
    So, where do I start - I
    can tell you how I got started in the sport of MMA - Cage
    Fighting. Before I go into this story, let me tell you that the
    last time that I had a fight was in the 6th grade (I won). Well,
    money has always been an issue for me every since I was a young
    man. I was born and raised in extremely poor conditions, project,
    drug & gang related neighborhoods, but I always found a way to stay
    out of trouble. I never valued material things, just education
    and making friends - so money was never really an issue. Now that
    I am grown and I have responsibilities, money and time are
    everything. In college it's common to be broke, but I had a son
    my sophmore year and did everthing that I could to help him and his
    mother. After graduation - I had to make a change, so I did a job
    search and ended up in Florida. It was great in Florida - the pay
    was high, the school system was excellent, and I was enjoying
    teaching/coaching. The only problem is that I was missing my
    family -my mother and father were battling with their health and my
    life felt empty without being home, so I packed my bags and moved back
    to Oklahoma. (people always ask why did I leave Florida for
    This is where my life changed - my spirits were lifted
    from being around my family and friends. Everything seemed
    perfect, but the money was low. Extremely low - I went from an
    above 30k job to a $10 an hour substitute job. On top of that I
    have two boys (6years old and 7 months) and custody of my two little
    brothers ages 16 and 17 years old. While I was at the gym lifting
    - an old friend came up and said "how you doing" I said "BROKE" and he
    said "You wanna fight"! I laughed at the challenge, because
    he outweighed me by 100lbs, but he didn't smile and said "I'm serious,
    I wanna put you in a cage fight" My real response was "aw hell
    naw" until he mentioned the pay! I needed the money so bad,
    because I didn't have a car (it broke down driving from Florida), no
    place to live, and my family needed help. So, I took him up on
    the offer. I was supposed to be in exibition with a month to
    train for the fight, but I ended up in the 185lb Freestlye Cage
    Fighting Tournament.
    I stay in descent shape, so I was confident,
    but I had a lot to learn. It was July and my first fight was a
    month away - so I went to my old stomping grounds. Back to Ohio
    to train with friends that were involved with MMA. I learned a
    lot and got roughed up a bit, but it all paid off. A couple days
    before I went home I recieved a phone call offering a fight a week
    before my scheduled bout? I needed the money so I took it.
    had no idea what to expect, because sparring is not equal to someone
    trying to kill you in that cage. I took a 205lb bout, but I only
    weighed about 190 - at weigh it, the guy came in looking like John Cena
    and he was a solid 200. I didn't like him because he shook my
    hand a gripped me up all tight (with the pat on the back) like we were
    Ok, let me take you through my next three fights -
    I have some links to pictures and a short video also. The first
    guy I fought was Jon Lopez - the fight was pretty crazy, but I got some
    great takedowns and landed a heavy right in the guard that made
    him tap out, but I threw another right that knocked him out. It
    was my first win and I was excited. Here is a link to the
    fight picturers by Richard Rowe
    Oh yeah, Matt Hughes was there and I took a picture with him.

    since that day I have been training like crazy and found a new love for
    the sport of MMA. My second fight was about the same except for
    one problem - I cut too much weight. For some odd reason my scale
    was 4 pounds heavy - so instead of weigh-ins at 185 +/- 1lb I was all
    the way down to 181 and I felt very weak. I fought well, but I
    felt very tired - I ended the fight with two knees to his forhead that
    split him open. That win put me in the semi-finals against the #1
    This was my 3rd and toughest fight so far - the guy
    was undefeated, strong, fast, and dangerous. I studies film and
    trained hard for the fight, I also cut my weight right and weighed in
    at 185.5. The first round went slow, but the 2nd round I slammed
    him and landed another right that KO'd him followed by a flurry of

    here I am -it's October 31st 2006 - I will be fighting in the Freestyle
    Cage Fighting Championships on Friday, November 10th 2006.
    Here's copy of the poster and a link to the commercial that airs local on Spike TV
    Gerald "Hurricane" Harris 3-0 with 3 KO's

    Remaining Schedule for 2006

    Saturday November 18th: Real Pro Wrestling Trials

    Saturday November 25th: Oklahoma Open

    December 28th/29th: Midlands Championships (pending entry approval)
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