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Thread: Fedor vs. Tim appears to be likely

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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Tim appears to be likely

    Shrek is gonna get arm barred . On their feet Tim has technically more sound boxing skills but Fedor punches very fast, very hard, and very accurately. And once they are on the ground, well, let's face it Tim is f**ked...regardless, it should be a good fight.

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    Unless its by cut, I don't see Timmeh winning this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaswary View Post
    Thats preposterous. I can name 10 top contenders over 40 years old right now. Randy is 44 going on 45 and beat Gabriel Nap?o and Tim at 44. Easily.

    Age is not really as relevent ass people think. Especially in MMA. In a sport where the rules limit you to a small set of atheltic skills the difference between 25 years old and 30 is significant. In MMA where their is a virtually unlimitd amount of skills to choose athletic careers can extend far longer and not only that, but they have been.

    Sports medicine, supplementation, massage therapy, sophisticated technique, fight frequency, glucosamine......... Over 40 will become very common in the next decade, that is a firm Ill sign on the dotted line prediction

    Hell even in boxing Bernard Hopkins is a legit fighter at age 42 and he beat Jermaine Taylor in the rematch IMO.

    Age is irrelevent these days and Aurelio Miguel won a medal in Judo way past 40 in the Olympics for Brazil. If someone has never trained until their 30's, thats another story. Picking uyp ypur career at 32, 333 and moving to MMA is another.

    Randy Couture,Pawel Nastula,Ron Waterman, Hidehiko Yoshida and many others didnt even debut until 33-36 years of age. waterman is a top fighter at age 43.

    I dont like the age bias, I think age is one of those factors that cout only if you are in a sport that factors in pure athletic ability like track and field. Sylvia could fight till Dan Severns age (winning at 53 although obviously not a top ten contender) and if he acquires and develops skills every year by 40 he will be a monster in every range of fighting - wrestling , kickboxing, grappling.

    The guys who retire early are the brawlers who soak up a lot of damage. Almost every fighter with a well over 40 life span does a great job of preserving their body and relying on developing skill sets, strategy and bodily preservation to fight as long as they'd like.

    Ive seen two 70 year olds grappling in a Judo class and other insane things.Tim is selling himself short and other fighters as well
    Tim's body is old for his age. That's the deal. He's taken a lot of abuse. The reason Couture is still so damn good is because: 1) his life span is most likely longer than normal, 2) he takes very good care of himself physically, and 3) he didn't start fighting until later in his life.

    BTW, the Gonzaga fight wouldn't have been so easy for Randy if he hadn't broken Gonzaga's nose with the accidental headbutt during the slam. The ref really dropped the ball on that one.
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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Tim appears to be likely

    TIm hits harder then Fedor. Fedor can be KO'd, hell, he was almost KO'd by a primary wrestler in Fujita.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    How much does "almost" really mean in an MMA fight?

    Cro Cop hits harder than both Tim, and Fujita and to the best of my memory (I haven't watched the fight in a while) he was never close to KO'ing Fedor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaswary View Post
    Arlovski and Barnett are two fighters with good skill sets to beat Fedor. If barnett took it more seriously and developed a technical stand up game he could pull it off. He wont.........

    Fedor makes technical errors but few people have the skill set to capitalize. Fedor isn't a takedown machine, he mixes up punches and kicks with takedowns so you dont know where to defend to get the takedown and then uses the ground and pound to win. Someone with a counter game up top and a good pummel to takedown game can put him on his back. Fedor is weak defending the back and side mount IMO (relatively) and his guard is excellent but not Roger Gracies; his guard can be passed and he can be beaten on the ground by a skilled guard passer and top fighter with strong holdowns or a fluid submission game
    dmasway, as an ex amatuer boxer my opinion of Fedors boxing is that he has excellent boxing that is severly underated. I picked Fedor to outsrike Cro cop.

    Fedor has excellent footwork, good hand speed, good straights, and combo's. The he fills the gaps with his throws.
    Most MMA fighters stand infront of their opponent and just throw punches till one wins, Fedor controls the distance in an excellent manor and closes it when he wants.

    On the ground i think he is an excellent fighter from the bottom. he has good submissions from the guard and good escapes from the bottom, just watch when Nog gets on top of Fedor in the sidemount. That is judo for you.

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    zapp don;t underestimate Fujita's power. He may not be a good striker but he can hit like a truck.

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    I actually think Fedor is an excellent boxer. His weaknesses IMO are

    His Sambo base seems to give him the same problem most Judo players have in dealing with double legs and underhooks IMO

    His ground game is solid all-round but I think his defense of the side mount and ack aren't really as well-devloped as his top game.

    Mind you these arent huge glaring weaknesses, just points where he is weaker than others. It takes a specialist in a particular area to exploit that weakness. I.E a good top fighter taking him down and winning on top.

    His strength is exactly what you said; he boxes very well and closed the gap with Ernesto Hoost. He is so potent in the stand up that his body locks are hard to see coming

    Someone would really have to be able to close that gap and work the top

    Cro Cop doesnt have the heart IMO; not in the sense of cowardice but I suspect he doesnt like MMA and wishes he was kickboxing for money. Fedor hungers for it.
    Mark Hunt was a goodd example of someone with the style to beat him if he had a better Wrestling and ground came. He did very well.....

    Fedor is the most technical heavyweight Ive seen

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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Tim appears to be likely

    Below is a link to a breakdown of this fight. Sylvia is one tough guy and Fedor hasn't fought anyone of heavyweight significance in a long time. This is a hard call:

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