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    Check it out here:

    Doubt anyone could get this to watch. But just in case, don't want to put the results in the body of the post.

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    country boy can survice

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    jjodin all the fights are in my dreams thread.

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    I think Cro Cop had a lot of trouble getting used to the American crowds. He is too shy personally for American style media. I train with Buscape here in Brazil. I'm glad he won.

    I REALLY want a good Japanese organization to spring up again. Im hoping to turn pro and I really like the option of a Japanese organization out there rather than only American shows. The Japanese presence, especially when Pride was around, made the UFC step up its game and prevented the Boxing style promotion the UFC does; which dilutes a lot of well-deserving fighters

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    Oh man, Im sorry, I just realized I spoiled two results

    My bad.

    Look inside, support the Japanese organizations.

    And sorry about that spoiler

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