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Discuss Fedor vs. Couture may happen in the UFC! at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by tigerbomb56 Yeah and keep in mind that fedor's only loss was from ...
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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Couture may happen in the UFC!

    Quote Originally Posted by tigerbomb56 View Post
    Yeah and keep in mind that fedor's only loss was from an extremely BS fight against kohsaka. That promotion obviously wanted fedor to lose.

    Anyways... sometimes dana white really makes me hate him. Fedor is a top-notch fighter in anybody's standards, and he hasn't had anybody give him trouble in years.
    He also hasn't fought any top competition in years. His last fight against a top 5 opponent (at the time) was a fight against Cro Cop where he lost the first round. So, yeah, in his fights again freakshows Zulu and Hong Man Choi, middleweight Matt Lindland, and overrated no TD defense, no sub defense, striker in Mark Hunt, he hasn't had any trouble.
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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Couture may happen in the UFC!

    Ill be fair. As much as Randy Couture is my favorite MMA fighter of all time, I think its Fedors stand up he wont be able to handle. Fedor was already an EXCELLENT boxer when he prepared for the Cro Cop fight. He spent 6 months in Holland preparing with ernesto Hoost, who beat Cro Cop 3x in K-1. Since then he has only improved. Randy on the other hand, has taken a one-dimensional game and become one of the two best strategists in the world. Sadly the other one is Fedor

    If you look very closely though, Randy could make a good fight of it. Arguably, the fact that Mark Colemanand Kevin Randleman slammed and Double-legged Fedo instantaneously is nothing to be ashamed of, as along with being excellent technical wrestlers they are monstruously strong.

    I watched the fight with Lindland and Lindland is pure Greco and a stamina horse. He fought Fedor and very very easily got double underhooks to a body lock and would have taken Fedor down if Fedor hadn't grabbed the ropes. The fight occured in Bodog, which was Fedors show really so the ref let it go and Lindland is pretty poor on the ground.
    I could very easily see Randy Couture making it through the punches and getting a similiar bodylock and takedown.

    Fedor, IMHO, is weak in defending his back and defending from the bottom outside of the guard or escaping the side mount and repositioning into guard. His bodytype holds him back, Mark Hunt got on top of him and gave Fedor a rough time with the side mount and an Americana lock and even Mark Coleman made Fedor look very uncomfortable when he got his back.

    I think Randy would get clipped by the punches or take him down and get swept or submitted from Fedors highly underrated guard. Randy lost to Josh Barnett largely because Randys exact weak point is bottom game grapplers who have the strength to maneuver him around and his one dimesnional stand up. I was surprised he beat Gabriel Napao. I was expecting that fight to end up with Randy getting a takedown and submitted on the ground by Nap?o, whose legs weigh about 100 pounds each.

    Currently Fedor wants to promote Russian fighters and he created the M-1 organization to do that. He fights in Japan principaly to maintain his huge fan base - Hong Man Choi may be a freak show, but he is 7 feet tall, a K-1 boxer who beat Mighty Mo and a Korean who appeals to the huge Korean fan base which Japan is appealing to since the US doors are shut.

    Fedor will NEVER step into an Octagon. UFC contracts ssentially make you property of the UFC and Fedor knows that he made his legend in Japan and he will cash in his political capitol. In the US he will be Minotauro'd. Minotauro - the second most succesful heavyweight ever behind Fedor, wlaked into the UFC as practically an undercard. Would Joe Frazier or George Foreman been n an undercard? Fedor is too smart.

    Dana White knows that anyone of his champions look illegitamte unless they beat Fedor and Dana signed Minotauro to a 6 million dollar contract and the one man Mino couldn't beat was Fedor. He watnts to diminish Fedor and he is doing a good job of it - unfortunately for him unless Fedor simply has a bad day he is too smart to lose. He spends more time preparing for his opponent than anyone but Randy Couture (the other prep God) and he, unlike Randy unfortunately, will acquire new skill sets with much more ease as his combat sambo is far more adaptive by nature than Randys wrestling.

    I think its extremely hard for an elite level wrestler, someone who has developed mental instincts to do anything to stay off his back, to really master the guard and some aspects of submission. To beat Fedor, you need someone who can stand up to that powerful stand up game without taking it on the chin, get a takedown as a powerful wrestler and control the ground. If Minotauro had spent the time with Darell Gholar to really work the double underhooks and managed to take down Fedor, I think he could have won the fight, passing the guard and playing the top game. You cant beat Fedor with a slick guard - too difficult.

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    Default Re: Fedor vs. Couture may happen in the UFC!

    I hate MMA exclusionary contracts. They don't let people dodge fighters the way boxers can but that is only for fighters in the same organization.Ultimately they block the best matchups. There really needs to be a fighter's union. With pissed off people like Randy and Tito, maybe it will happen soon.

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