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Thread: EliteXC to Announce Deal with CBS

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    Default EliteXC to Announce Deal with CBS

    I just saw this on Sherdog... I will be thrilled if it works out!

    Kudos to guys like Gary Shaw and Mark Cuban, who are really stepping it up in terms of bringing MMA to the fans and trying to make it a more mainstream sport.

    Report: EliteXC to Announce Deal with CBS Options: Email Article | Printer Friendly Wednesday, February 27, 2008
    by Staff

    Kimbo Slice could soon be a household name.

    ProElite Inc. and CBS are expected to announce a deal this week that will make Elite Xtreme Combat, the mixed martial arts promotional arm for ProElite, available on prime-time on major network television throughout the U.S., according to a report by

    The deal would make EliteXC the first MMA organization to feature live events on network television.

    Officials with ProElite and Showtime, which partnered in putting EliteXC cards on the premium cable television network, declined to comment to regarding the reported agreement.

    The CBS-EliteXC events are expected to air every other month, according to MMAjunkie.

    EliteXC drew its largest audience on Showtime with its Feb. 16 event from Miami, Fla., featuring a main event between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott. Reports indicate over 500,000 viewers tuned in to watch Slice destroy Abbott. Online videos promoting the event totaled over two and a half million views on, the network's Web site, a representative of Showtime told

    It was widely reported that CBS had been in talks with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, yet discussions broke down over issues of production control. The pending announcement comes at a time when CBS ratings have slipped significantly among males 18-49 when compared to the network's totals this time last year; the young male demographic is largely credited as the reason for MMA's growing television profile.

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    Default Re: EliteXC to Announce Deal with CBS

    Looking forward to seeing Keith Berry step in and KTFO of Hose.

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    Default Re: EliteXC to Announce Deal with CBS

    Does anyone think that too many MMA "Federations" "Leagues" "Associations" etc. will ruin the sport.

    How many World Champions can there be until the sport starts to look as cheesey as boxing?

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    No, the sport is growing and fighters need a place to show their skills. You don't just walk into the UFC or EliteXC. It's the small productions that allows the no name fighters to make the name in the sport.

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    I see your point, but where is this leading us?

    Let's learn from boxing's mistakes.

    How many people can name the world champs of boxing?

    It's nearly impossible because there are so many.

    In the golden age of boxing, every knew who was the champ.

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    Are you talking about the UFC,EXC,WEC and KOTC? Or TC, GC, TFA, IFBL and many other small guys?

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    I think all of them together makes his point..

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    If too many organizations reach the big time level, then that could hurt the sport. After all, with EliteXC and Strikeforce and the WEC and DREAM and WVR all growing- Well, imagine how the best fighters might be spread out. The good thing is that a lot of these organizations right now are willing to have their fighters mix it up with those from other organizations. The UFC may be forced to do this if the other orgs catch up.

    It will be interesting. Right now, of course, the UFC has a stranglehold on things. If Fedor signs, that stranglehold just gets stronger.

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    most of these organizations don't call their champions, world champs. Just the champs of their organizations.

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