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Discuss Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; f you've never watched Cung Le compete in a Sanshou kickboxing match before, you've been ...
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    f you've never watched Cung Le compete in a Sanshou kickboxing match before, you've been missing out. Simply put, he's proven to be an outstanding striker with the ability to throw people time and time again in such events. Along with that, his signature move-- a scissor kick where he whips his heel into his opponent's stomach while at the same time using his other leg to sweep them-- is something that you won't forget. Thus, when you put it altogether it's no wonder that he holds an undefeated 17-0 Sanshou record with 12 knockouts. Still, despite his success in the ring, on 3/10/06 his martial arts career started down a different path with the same result.
    The new path was mixed martial arts. The result was a knockout victory. Since then, he's accumulated two more first round TKO's against Brian Warren and most recently, former TUF fighter Jason Von Flue. Next up, however, may be the stiffest test of his career when he takes on Tony "The Freak" Fryklund at Strikeforce-Elite XC Judgement Day on June 22nd.
    So as Le gets ready to take on Fryklund in his hometown of San Jose, California,'s Robert Rousseau took the time to pick his brain regarding the fight and more.
    On training for his upcoming Strikeforce bout with Tony Fryklund, Le says:
    Training's been really good. Right now I'm working with Javier Mendez. I've been sparring over at my gym, but he's been coming over to work with me with my standup: my punching, kicking and kneeing and a few other things that (have been) very helpful. . .
    On trying to train and parent at the same time:
    My schedule got tight, you know, really tight because I've got custody of my kids. I haven't had the time to go over there and get to sparring with my sparring partners (at American Kickboxing Academy), but I've got good fighters at my (own) gym too.
    On his opponent at Strikeforce-Elite XC: Judgement Day, Tony Fryklund.
    I think he's very tough and he's going to come here and try to beat me in my hometown.
    On what he believes that Fryklund's strategy will be:
    How I see it is, (in) his last fight he tried to standup with a standup fighter and he didn't fare too well. . . what I'm known for is my standup. Knowing that he comes from a good training camp-- he's got Eric Paulson who's training him-- I'm very sure that they're not going to make the same mistake twice. They are going to go for the takedown, and they are going to try to make sure he gets me down. . . to go for the submission (or) the ground and pound.

    On making the transition to MMA:
    I also have a very solid wrestling background. I was a high school All American; I was a junior college All American, and that's something that a lot of people probably don't realize. They think oh he's just a Sanshou fighter, but my background is from wrestling. I think that along with the type of San Shou kickboxing I've been doing has completely helped me make that transition.
    On learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:
    Well, from the first day I started in BJJ until now is like day and night. First day I didn't know the positions and body movement and all the submissions that were capable of getting slapped on me. There are so many different positions from the top and the bottom and from the side.
    Now I have a very strong understanding of the game. I feel confident (that) if Tony were able to get me down, he cannot hold me down. (By the way) you can talk to guys who are at AK (American Kickboxing Academy); I'm not an easy person to get down.
    On his strategy for the Fryklund fight:
    I'm going into this fight working on what I do best. . . I'm not really changing up much; I'm just taking it to another level; I'm pushing myself more. And I'm going to be prepared if that doesn't work out for him (Frykland taking him down). Then he's going to have to resort back to his standup which will favor me, I believe. Doing more kickboxing and my Sanshou background, that's where I'll have my advantage. I'm not gonna go in there and say ok, well, I'm going to do submission wrestling with you; that's not my game. If it's there I'll take it, if it's not, I've been in the ring long enough to be poised and aware of what's happening. I feel a lot more comfortable fighting. I'm not as nervous as the first time I stepped into the cage. (This time) I'm excited.
    On long term goals in MMA and Strikeforce:
    I don't look too far ahead. For me, everyday is like my last day. Tomorrow's not promised. I look at things one fight at a time; I don't look too far into the future. If I have a losing streak. . . then my plans or wanting to achieve certain goals will never get there, so I chip away one stone at a time: small goals rather than large. I'm happy about now, and not too worried about where I should be, or what fighting association (I'm in). I think Strikeforce takes good care of me; I have a contract with them right now. It's one fight at a time, and I don't know what tomorrow has in store for me. I'm just happy and focused on what's at hand, you know. One day at a time.
    Le's prediction for the fight:
    One awesome fight. . . I think both guys are going to come in ready to fight. It's gonna be a good fight; that's my prediction, a good fight.

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    Cool read

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    Kung Lee has to be the best fighter to watch fight. Very exciting.

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