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    UFC AND Pride are good for different reasons.

    Pride allowed stomps.
    UFC allows elbows to head.
    Pride took accidental head butts seriously.
    UFC uses cage.
    Pride allowed upkicks and knees to kneeling opponent's head and soccer kicks/knees to downed opponent's head.

    I like the UFC alot, my only concern is the cage and current rules favor ground and pound wrestlers too much (sorry I know this is a wrestling website!). Stomps, soccer kicks, and knees after a failed takedown (opponent kneeling) are good deterrents to takedowns. ANd head butts happen all the time from slams (of course I don't want slams removed, just accidental headbutts treated with same seriousness as groinshots).

    There's my 2 cents. But take it easy you guys, you both have interesting and valid comments.
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    Cro Cop has his first DREAM fight this Saturday:

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    I'm really looking forward to the Shinya Aoki JZ Calvancante fight. That one will be outstanding. I'm leaning toward Calvancante, but only a little.

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