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    I had heard a while ago that he was helping some of the Team Quest guys work on takedowns but now it looks like Mo might make the transition to fighting himself... I think Mo would be awesome in MMA!

    Taken from

    Muhammad Lawal/Unsigned (0-0) - More commonly known as “Mo,” Lawal is a decorated amateur wrestler who has been debating on whether to represent the U.S. in the ‘08 games or transition into MMA on a full-time basis. It’s very possible he’ll represent the U.S. in Beijing next summer and then leverage any success he has into a potentially lucrative contract with a major mixed martial arts promotion in the U.S. Lawal has had some talks about joining Team Takedown and has also reportedly spent some time training MMA with Team Quest in Temecula, Calif.

    However, I don't know how accurate this article is because after scrolling down, they list Ben Askren as a potential prospect under "lightweights." Askren at 155?!!!!! Yeah right.

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    Mo was a boxer before he was even a wrestler, so I think he'll make a pretty smooth transition.

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    Default Re: Mo Lawal in MMA

    Askren could make 155....major cut....but he could make it.

    I don't know about now, but I know in college he weighed about 175 naturally.
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    I hope Mo sticks to wrestling 100% at least through Bejing. He is one of the few US wrestler who is a legitimate medal threat.

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    I believe Lawal also has a blackbelt in judo.

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