By Guilherme Cruz
Photo Josh Hedges
One of the responsible of making MMA one of the biggest sports around the world, Dana White is the man behind the UFC, biggest organization in the world. Invited by TATAME Magazine, the president spoke with Cristiane Ripari and, among other subjects, replied Ricardo Arona?s interview at #152 edition, when he said he heard some guys saying he wasn?t in the UFC because they were scared of him there beating everybody.
Answering this question, White replied: ?I don?t think I have been worried about Arona beating everybody. Didn?t Arona just loose? I think Arona just lost recently. There?s no reason I have been like: ?Oh God Arona could beat everybody?, or? You know, if I thought Arona was gonna beat everybody he would be here right now?, said White, who already revealed who he?d like to face in a MMA fight. ?I?d fight Arona first because I think he sucks! (Laughs). That?s a tough question. I?m not going to answer that one?.