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Thread: UFC Fight Night 12

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    Default UFC Fight Night 12

    Coming up in one week...

    Mike Swick v. Josh Burkman
    Patrick Cote v. Drew McFedries
    Nate Diaz v. Alvin Robinson
    Thiago Tavares v. Michihiro Omigawa

    Gray Maynard is fighting Dennis Siver on the undercard.
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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    Horrible fights, Tavares fight was weak, I didn't care about McFedries or Cote, and then the main event was god awful.

    Nate Diaz looked good, finishing off Robinson with a slick triangle, thats about it.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    Diaz looked alright, I think he needs a personality injection.

    The new episode of Pros vs Joes is shaping up to be more exciting.....
    But Angle is on.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    Yeah, I did a write-up on the blog, and I was annoyed that I started it and had to finish it. I would have rather gone to sleep than see who was the winner of Swick/Burkman.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    Any more fight nights like this and I would say the UFC Fight Night is going to Jump the Shark in a huge way. The swick/burkman fight was so bad I ended up watching myth busters, theres 15 min. I'll never get back. Did anyone else notice how weak the crowd was at this event? The UFC may have to lower ticket prices, especially if these events are getting weak like they have been. If I would have payed money to see this I would be really pissed, almost to the point of eating a bullet. Well maybe not, but I would have felt taken advantade of.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    The one consolation is the UFN card with Lauzon v. Florian, Bonnar v. Hammil, Parisyan v. Alves, and Aurelio v. Fisher, already confirmed, looks absolutely ungodly.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    It would be fantastic if the UFC staged a fight night the same week as Olympic trials. With all of those wrestling and judo fans in town, that would be a tough ticket to get.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    I would agree, that card does look pretty good. And I guess I need to proof read a little before I post. Paid not payed and Advantage not advantade. Maybe I will take that bullet.

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    Default Re: UFC Fight Night 12

    The guy who fought Pelligrino looked like he has never fought in his life before. I think I could have outpunched him to be honest, and I have no striking training whatsoever.
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