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    I haven't seen anyone mention this. Apparetnly Gerald's brother was killed in a motorcycle accident a week before his last fight. Sad story. Can't wait to see Gerald in the UFC. I feel it is only a matter of time.

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    My heart goes out to Gerald for sure. He is such a great human being. I think this kid has endured so much tragedy in such a short time. I recall the incident of his sister being victim of a hate crime a couple years back. So much distraction yet he doesn't show it.

    He needs to be in UFC now. They gave guys like Nick Catone and Mike Massenzio their shot. All deserving guys. But now give Gerald his. He has much going for him like his win streak and the fact he is a TUF alumni. C'mon they gave Osterneck a shot in the UFC. I am almost getting upset at the UFC as each card that they are planning and I don't read his name.

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    F'n sad, I cant even imagine losing one of my bros then going out and fighting the next week.

    but on a side note, I think he may be up for a shot in the future.
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    I don't think I could have fought that soon after something so tragic.
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    prayers to brother Dlareg and his family
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    Thanks for the support guys

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