Once again UFC head Dana White demonstrates something that has been known for some time, yet most people are afraid to say: White is an awful human being that lacks basic human decency.
This week we saw yet another example of this as White belched some of the most hateful and misogynistic statements we've ever heard a public sports figure make.

No matter what he says with a microphone in his hands, Dana White sees no repercussions. (Getty Images)
In a story first reported by UFC writer Maggie Hendricks, White, on a video blog, describes another woman reporter -- who wrote a story critical of White -- as a "f------ dumb bitch." Also in this video rant, White goes to describe the reporter's source as a "f------ faggot."
? White blasts reporter
He calls her a "f------ moron." He calls her "f------ dumb." He tells her to "shut the f--- up." He says that everything that comes out of the mouth of the woman reporter is "f------ stupid." He ends the diatribe by saying, "F--- you" and then the woman's name.
Nicely done, Dana. You're now the only person who officially curses more than Richard Nixon ever did. And 50 Cent, too.
Dana White is garbage, his sport is garbage.
How White continues to behave like a foul-mouthed animal and still survive as the head of a sports league is one of the more astounding stories in all of sports.
I don't see Roger Goodell using the B-word when speaking publicly. He behaves like a gentleman. So do David Stern and Bud Selig. Has there ever been a time when any of those commissioners publicly expressed homophobic sentiments or made misogynistic statements?
Yet White has the propensity to act like a baboon and no one blinks an eye.
I've been saying for some time that White is an out of control, foul-mouthed bully of Promethean proportions and still he's not challenged for his behavior (mostly) by the media that covers him because they're either afraid of White or worried about losing the money he doles out to various sycophants in the press.
Are we surprised by White's actions? Ah, no. It's just a surprise that he's allowed to behave this way and there are no repercussions. None from the fans, few from the media and zero from the television suckers/partners that broadcast his fights.
How in the hell does White get away with this? That's the real question.
Is that how desperate UFC fight fans are? You put up with the head of a sport denigrating women and gays for no reason at all other than because he can? It seems UFC fans support whatever White does, no matter how ill conceived or arrogant or manipulative or ugly. He's got an army of sheep following him.
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WarpedMind: That has to be one of the longest articles I've ever read about Gregg Doyel. You'll be happy to know that he plugs you often in his posts As far as ultimate fighting, mixed martial arts, the Eminem wannabe tour, or whatever the heck they call the sport these days goes, all it would take is one charismatic heavyweight champ like Muhammad Ali plus a couple of non-Don Kings to regain credibility for the Sweet Science, and MMA's fan base will drop faster than Jay Cutler taking a sack courtesy of Jared Allen.
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Mike Freeman: Warpy, great response and has anyone ever said you're more talented than Doyel? But in my eyes this "sport" will never gain wholesale mainstream acceptance because of people like Dana White.
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White says "(expletive) jump" and fans say, "How (expletive) high, Mr. White?" Fans ask "can I get you some coffee, Mr. White? A drink perhaps? A little sucking of the toes, Mr. White?"
The interesting thing is White and his supporters all believe they're tough guys. White wears a tight T-shirt, sports a bad haircut and screams about women and thinks he's a Navy S.E.A.L. He's not alone with the tough guy act. When I wrote about the MMA some time ago, a handful of the sport's fans got hold of my home phone number, called me at home, screamed into the phone that my MMA column was terrible, and then hung up. Very gutsy, people, very gutsy.
In actuality, White, the UFC and many of its fans are thin-skinned babies who can't take an ounce of the criticism they dish out.
You'll see the message board below light up with anonymous threats and various anonymous insults. That's what happened last time. Some of those postings, I believe, were from anonymous UFC officials and others associated with the sport.
No act of attempted intimidation will change the fact that White's comments are so far out of bounds, so extremist, that there should be significant repercussions for him. But that would take guts and White really doesn't have any. Nor is there anyone around him to make him pay. White is an empire of one.
Another day, another White f-bomb tirade, this time with women bashing tossed in to boot.
And you know what UFC fans will do?
They'll applaud and keep watching.