Kurt Kinser Remains Undefeated After Calf-Slicer Submission at KOTC Punch Out Over R.T. Hicks

Paul Fladten and Jake Larsen

15 April 2012


There were two levels of athletes at King of the Cage "Punch Out" on Saturday night in Lac du Flambeau: Kurt Kinser and everybody else.
On a card that featured a number of exciting bouts, the undefeated Indiana prospect stood out with an electrifying display that he capped off with a rarely seen submission.
Squaring off against kickboxing specialist R.T. Hicks from Minnesota, Kinser immediately set the tone with a dominant takedown. After easily moving into full mount, Kinser unleashed a brutal display of clenched hammer fists that signified an early end for Hicks.
Following the first barrage of fists, Hicks was able to escape to his feet. Unfortunately, he caught an incidental blow to the back of his head during the scramble. And it wouldn't get any better for Hicks from there on out.
After referee Shonie Carter restarted the action Kinser proved he wasn't messing around. The Bloomington-native quickly picked Hicks off his feet, carried him across the cage, and slammed him on his back. Then things got real.
Without hesitation Kinser grabbed the left foot of Hicks, put his opponent's left leg into a vulnerable position, and latched on a calf slicer toehold that instantly forced Hicks to tap. The victory was impressive.
"I think different stuff like that can surprise a lot of guys," Kinser told US Combat Sports. "You don't always see a move like that and no one's really looking to stop that as much as something more normal."
The win on Saturday night was the seventh straight for Kinser since he turned pro in May of 2007. Over that time, Kinser has stood head over heels above the competition. These handful of victories have put him right on the cusp of his ultimate goals.
"I would like to be competing at the highest level for a world championship," said Kinser. "I honestly feel I'm capable of it athletically and technically and I feel like I come from a stock where you want to be the very best."
Next us for Kinser is UFC veteran Marcus "The Wrecking Ball" Hicks. Hicks, a six-time WEC veteran, hasn't lost since August of 2009 and will square off against Kinser at Element Fighting Championship 2.
"I've seen all of my fights as opportunities but this one is definitely one of the biggest opportunities of my life," said Kinser. "I see all of my fight as big opportunities but this is one to get a big name opponent under my belt and build a lot of momentum."
With yet another dominating victory under his belt Kinser looks to be directly on the path to superstardom. But in this unpredictable game of mixed martial arts only time will tell.