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Thread: Brock Lesnar to the UFC

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    Default Brock Lesnar to the UFC

    Just announced it tonight, he told Rogan he's "ready for war." I'll be interested to see how they bring him along, he's a great athlete, and will definitely be a big draw for them. Still kind of a novice at the whole MMA game obviously.
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    He will also bring some showmanship.

    I think the UFC is searching for some champions with personality to help sell their product.

    I bet they hate it when their champs don't even speak English.

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    Default Re: Brock Lesnar to the UFC

    Brock will do just fine. On a side note, it's funny how he didn't sign until Randy left.

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    If I were Brock, I'd pay Randy any price to have him take me under his wing and help me make the transition to MMA.

    I'd like to see Lesnar become the next Randy Couture.

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