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Thread: P-Jerseys UFC divisional rankings

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    Welterweight rankings.

    I am not including Hughes or Serra as they have been inactive for far too long. Hughes last win came two years ago against Lytle and Serras last win came two years ago against GSP.

    1. GSP: wins- Hughesx2, Penn, Koscheck, Fitch, Serra, Alves; losses- Serra
    2. Thiago Alves: wins- Hughes, Parisyan, Koscheck, Lytle: losses- Fitch
    3. Jon Fitch: wins- Alves, Gono, Wilson, Sanchez; losses- GSP
    4. Josh Koscheck: wins- Sanchez, Lytle, Yoshida, Hazelett; losses- GSP, Alves, Thiago
    5. Mike Swick: wins- Burkman, Davis, Goulet, Loiseau; losses- Okami
    6. Martin Kampman: wins- Leites, McFedries, Rivera; losses- Marquardt
    7. Carlos Conditt: wins- Larson, Prater, Alessio Trigg; losses- Healy, Shields
    8. Karo Parisyan: wins- Burkman, Ficket, Chonan; losses- Sanchez, Alves
    9. Marcus Davis: wins- Lytle, Taylor, Kelly; losses- Swick
    10. Dan Hardy: wins- Markham, Gono; losses- Yoshida, Petz, Baron

    I have Alves ahead of Fitch because he has had a strong set of wins the last year or so. He is not the same fighter and i think if they fought again the outcome would be different. Swick is below Koscheck as he has yet to have a big win at ww.

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    The UFC's 170 lb. class isn't as fantabulous as it once was. Still some high quality at the top, but some middling or unproven stuff beyond that.
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    1. Anderson Silva: wins- Franklin x2, Marquardt, Lutter, Cote, Henderson, losses
    2. Dan Henderson: wins- Franklin, Palaharas, W. Silva, Belfort; losses- Silva, Rampage, Misaki
    3. Marquardt: wins- Kampman, Gouveia, Horn, Lister, Horn; losses- Silva, Leites
    4. Okami: wins- Lister, Tanner, Macdonald, Swick, Belcher; losses- Franklin
    5. Demian Maia: wins- Sonnen, MacDonald, Quarry, Herman
    6. Thales Leites: wins- Marquardt, McFedries, Sell; losses- Kampman
    7. Patrick Cote: wins- Almeida, Grove, Smith, Day; losses- Silva, Lutter
    8. Michael Bisping: wins- Leben, Hamill, Day; losses- Evans
    9. Dan Miller: wins- Horwich, Rosholt, McGivern; losses- Massenzio
    10. Rousimar Palaharas: wins- Salaverry, Horn; losses- Henderson

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    Is Leites 3 places behind Marquadt because he lost to Kampman?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimach View Post
    Is Leites 3 places behind Marquadt because he lost to Kampman?
    That definitely factors in.

    I think Marquardts overall body of work the last three years is more impressive than Leites. Leites biggest win was against Marquardt and that is a somewhat deceiving win as I think Marquardt dominated most of the fight but the penalty points cost him. Marquardt has quite a few quality wins and has looked extremely impressive in his last two fights. Of course if Leites wins his next fight he will shoot up the rankings.

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