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Thread: Jones Machida Video: anyone see one yet?

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    Default Jones Machida Video: anyone see one yet?

    Drop a link I you find one....missed it last night
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    Default Re: Jones Machida Video: anyone see one yet?

    I watched it. Machida actually hit Jones with some good shots and even staggered him at one point. But Jones landed a good elbow on the ground that cut Machida wide open and he wasn't the same after that. Jones finally proved he can take a shot though. I see him ruling that class for a long, long time.

    BTW, you probably won't see any videos of it b/c the UFC has a copywrite or something and videos can't be uploaded on the computer. For some reason they just don't show up on youtube or anything. You may be able to get one from one of those illegal sites, but I don't know how to do it.

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