What have you been up to since you fought at DREAM.6 ? Have you been training, taking a break?

Sergei Kharitonov: I have been training my stand up at Golden Glory gym in Breda Holland. You are training with Team Golden Glory - How is that going for you? Do you train much with Alistair?

Sergei Kharitonov: I train the programm like all the golden glory guys are doing, we do a lot of sparring and pad training, Cor hemmers is a great trainer. I am really improving and I will be ready for K-1 fights this year. I train with Stefan Leko, Chalid, Alistair, Errol Zimmerman and a lot with Gokhan Saki!
I am also exited that John Olav Einemo is training now with us, he is great for me to work on my ground skills. WIll you be fighting at DREAM.7 ? If not, do you know when you will be fighting?

Sergei Kharitonov: I will be fighting april 5th, I do not know the oponent yet! Are you still going to fight for DREAM, or are you wanting to fight for Affliction MMA, or the UFC at all?

Sergei Kharitonov: I will fight in Dream but if good offers come from Affliction or Strikeforce, i will be there. UFC likes exclusivity and this is not possible for me! What do you think of UFC???s HW champion Brock Lesnar - Would you like to fight him? Yes,

Sergei Kharitonov: I would love to fight him, he is a great wrestler, but I know I can beat him. My cardio and stand up are really improving and I am free of injuries. Many people praise you, and say you are the one man to beat Fedor. Do you think you can beat Fedor?

Sergei Kharitonov: Everybody is beatable also fedor, I would like to fight him on NYE 2009 in Japan. Mirko Crocop has said he would like to fight you. What do you think.

Sergei Kharitonov: I am ready to fight Cro Cop!