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Thread: Dana White Still Wants Fedor

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    With as much as you have thecobra in your mouth during your posts, one would think that you're going down there to provide him oral gratification. I'll give you we're all quite fond of him and some of us freely admit of being fans of his, but your message board slurping of the former Team Punishment fighter is beginning to make some of us wonder about you.

    We get it, you love the guy and can't keep his name out of your mouth. Wouldn't it be easier to just write it down in your signature, instead of hijacking every blog in order to speak of his fighting prowess? Just a suggestion.

    Here you go, try this:

    I can only dream of one day being a member of an elite fighting team and be trained by multiple world champions, (Ortiz and Rodriguez) and live the life that he gets to live, every single day, (granted I've never been in a fight in my life). If he would allow me to carry his jock from time to time, I would truly be happy. Life is so unfair :-(
    Lets go Brent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adolf Oliverbush View Post
    Pawly, allow me to be the first to give you a proper welcome. You certainly seem to know a decent amount of MMA and having just owned p jersey with your 5th post, you have to be considered at least above mediocre level on this board.

    Watch Claudale closely, he's a sharp dude and occasionally makes sense, but don't buy into his anti UFC propaganda. You'll come to learn the pecking order around here, (Adolf at the top), Dingo Brigade right there next to him, Pimach, Scarlet Knight, gfvov, Dr. White, etc all holding high rank as well. Then we move down a bit and the others battle for remaining above P jersey. The boy has potential, but he's simply too narrow minded, (and new to the sport) to really understand any better at this time.

    I look forward to seeing more of your positive and informative posts on here. Also, in the non wrestling section, locate the blog titled Adolf Oliverbush for some fun and entertaining reading. Good day sir. .
    Eh Oh there A.O.
    Thanks for the welcome but i didn't pwn anyone. lol Just see things a little different. Wow! You guy really go off topic around here!

    thecobra? lol

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    thecobra? lol

    P jersey cannot get him out of his mouth. He is obsessed because thecobra fought on the top MMA team in the world at the time and was hand picked by a UFC champion and a BJJ black belt. PJ's greatest athletic accomplishment occurred when he was in high school, (no shame in that, Al Bundy's was too) and he never amounted to anything after that. He now plans on competing in the white belt division in bjj and earn glory that way. I applaud him and wish him the best. He will never fight pro MMA or pro anything for that matter and it eats at him. I hope he learns to cope with his failures one day.

    You are very modest Pawly, that will take you far around here. Your MMA knowledge appears to be on key.
    Lets go Brent!

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