Promoted from the Fanposts by Kid Nate. Please note that this news is unconfirmed but MMALogic has shown himself to be a credible inside source in the past.

Affliction MMA is Done.

Tom Atencio will be making an announcement soon.

A third show will probably happen to fulfill Affliction Entertainments larger contract obligations unless a deal with Zuffa can be arranged to offset some of the costs while Affliction pays off their contract obligations via "sponsorships"...

You could hear in Tom's voice after the event - the realization that:

Everyone is making money here (Trump, Golden Boy, the fighters, etc...) at the expense of Affliction losing millions.

With Affliction footing virtually the entire bill and after PPV distributor: Showtime and Promoter Golden Boy taking their cut - Affliction is left with less than $13 per PPV buy to cover expenses.

Making the initial estimate of 250,000 buys not even close to what will be needed to break even.

Update from Michael Rome: I have been digging at this story for the last 3 or 4 hours since I first heard it. I believe it to be true. I learned in the last hour from someone high up at the UFC that Lorenzo Fertitta was contacted today by Affliction looking for a "beneficial" way out. Realistically, they want back in the Octagon.

The problem for Affliction is they have very little to offer Zuffa. The contracts for their fighters are non transferrable, and the video library has little value. An insider at Zuffa told me, "the only way Zuffa will settle is with some sort of equity stake in Affliction (clothing) the end of the day Affliction does not have a fighter that the UFC needs, just 2-3 that would be nice to have."
Pretty much what most of us have known was inevitable. Sad to see it go down, but it was just never a good business model. Hope to see some of the fighters make their way to the Octagon.