Word is that they barely sold any pay per views what so ever. With nearly half the MMA world watching the illegal video stream on the net, and the other half not caring, they will be lucky to have done 18-20k buys. This may not be all bad news, however, as once Affliction closes its doors and releases its fighters from contract, they will be free to negotiate with the UFC and join the best fighters in the world under one roof.

We really shouldn't be surprised that the event failed so miserably, with them scheduling it on the same night as Margarito/Mosley was being shown on HBO, sandwiched between 2 huge UFC pay per views and opposite spike programing running exciting UFC fights, including Randy vs Brock, for the UFC heavyweight belt. I'll tell you, Atencio has no idea what he's fcuking doing!

Lets hope Lindland is ok and lets get some of these guys (Victor Belfort, Fedor for example) into the big leagues of the UFC. Dana, make it happen.