Disqualifications are relatively rare in mixed martial arts. Even more rare is a fighter who can accumulate three losses in this manner. Rarer still is a man who can find three completely different and increasingly creative ways to get disqualified. Gilbert Yvel is that rare beast.
Despite being one of the most talented strikers in MMA, Yvel has set up several roadblocks to his own success by leaving fans, officials and opponents completely unsure of what he might or might not do in the ring. His unpredictability and general lack of boundaries have led to his being compared more than once to Mike Tyson.
Disqualification #1: At 4:49 of Round 1 vs. Karimula Barkalaev (1998), Gilbert Yvel is disqualified for biting his opponent.
Disqualification #2: Against Don Frye at Pride 16 (2001), Yvel is disqualified at 7:27 of the first round for eye gouging.
Disqualification #3: A mere 35 seconds into the first round of his match against Atte Backman (2004), Gilbert Yvel is disqualified for knocking out the referee (then kicking him while he was down).
Despite his bizarre conduct during fights, Yvel has secured victories over top fighters such as Cheick Kongo, Valentijn Overeem, Semmy Schilt and Gary Goodridge. He has also gone the distance with Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort and Jeremy Horn. One thing is for sure, this man has the ability to consistently keep the MMA world guessing.
This is also the longest he has ever gone in his career without a DQ. Is he overdue?