CM: How do you see the fight going?
DL: I can’t give my game plan away, but I’m going to come out and use my size to my advantage. I see me bullying him around.
CM: It seems like you could certainly have a physical size advantage over Horodecki, who is 5’8” and probably could make Featherweight. How much does having already fought another good striker (albeit one with higher profile) like Spencer Fisher better prepare you for the challenge of Horodecki?
DL: I don’t think it helps me too much to be honest. They’re two totally different fighters. Spencer is more of a hands guy; where as Chris is more of a 1, 2, kick guy.
CM: What would a victory over Chris Horodecki in a high profile event and promotion like Affliction: Day of Reckoning do for your career? Where do you think would that take you in the LW division?
DL: A victory on the 24th will be great for my career as Chris has established himself as a great striker. (But) I don’t think a win over Chris will really move me up too much in the LW division. There are so many beasts out there in the LW dvision.