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Thread: UFC 93 Results/Videos/Discussion (spoiler)

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    Pride treated Dan well, I don't think any of us dispute that. Pride is dead, however, and now Dan works for the UFC. He has done everything they have asked of him and I believe he will end his hall of fame career with a run at the strap. I couldn't be more happy for Dan, a living legend in MMA.
    Lets go Brent!

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    I am a SHogun fan, but the guy needs to get a treadmill or something.. His cardio was awful. Especially since he was rehabbing a knee injury. You would think that he is on at least an elliptical machine to regain strength and range of motion. He needs to step it up.
    Don't know which fight that one judge was watching I had Hendo winning 2 rounds to 1. Agree with Adolf, I am very happy Hendo won, so he can wipe the smirk off of Bisping's face with a nice over hand right.
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