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    Well I finally got some info on Massenzio and Edgar through a close source of mine who is very close to both of them.

    Massenzio went to the BCCA's after his loss to CB. I realize he wanted to be able to say hi to everyone without having to answer everyone why he didn't tee off on CB. And most of all, how the hell he, a wrestler, couldn't get out of double boots. And most of all, what was up with his leg.

    Anyhow, he was sort of short, but he responded. He mentioned that there was so much going on, including taking the fight on short notice after his last fight. His leg was considered banged up from working out, which was a surprise. We thought he had a serious leg injury. Anyhow, he said he shoulder was actually a bigger problem for him. But made no excuses whatsoever. When asked why he didn't just tee off on him when he had him hurt, he responded that he saw the opportunity for a sub.

    We were expecting to hear what kept him from winning, and he responded with I did what I though I needed to do and took nothing away from CB. Nobody dared ask him why he couldn't get out of basic boots. We do have to realize that in MMA there are consequences in doing standard wrestling maneuvers when you have your back to your oponent.

    He mentioned a desire to join a camp on the west, either Nevada or California. No specifics. But mentioned that those are where you need to go to get the best training. So I wouldn't be surprised he makes a jump.
    He also felt Edgar could benefit as well.

    Frankie Edgar just got married so there has obviously been other priorities in his life. A move to the west to train might be challenging for a newlywed. But hopefully it does happen. He hurt his knee wrestling and grappling. He has some sort of injury to the cartilage under his kneecap. No MCL though, thank god. Its something that will heal with time without surgury. Sounds like he will be 100% by spring. There has been some opinions that Edgar's manager has not been doing a good job getting him the good fights as of late, and I would have to agree. But no indication Frankie wants to make a switch.

    The common thought seems to be that they need to make the leap to train at new camps to leap to that next level. Something I have heard from P-Jersey. I would agree.

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    Default Re: Info for P-Jersey

    Leglace I would first like to say that I was completely kidding with the rips on you about Massenzios leg injury. I would expect a fighter to keep any injuries a secret. Secondly I respected your breakdown and thought a lot of it was valid. I still had my concerns about Mikes ability to come up with a good strategy and tactics(going for a guillitone after hurting the guy with strikes????) and that he refuses to work with a legitimate mma team. I know he wants to make some money but starting his gym but the best way in my mind is to build up your skills with a real gym produce results on a big stage then start a gym.

    I am happy to hear that he is now realizing that he needs to improve his training.

    One of my buddies who was d-1 wrestler now trains out of Almeida gym so I have been trying to get the scoop on Edgar. I know he is a hard worker and has been trying to get the best training on the east coast but unfortunatley I do not think the resources are that great. I hear ya on being freshly married but at some you have to decide how serious you are about the sport. Edgar is a talented fighter who has a lot of potential but to beat the top dogs he has to put himself in the best training situation possible. I am sure he is loyal to his local guys but at a certain point you have to make the jump to the next level.

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