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Thread: Rosholt vs. D. Miller

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    Default Rosholt vs. D. Miller

    Sakara is out and Dan Miller is in. This is an even tougher matchup in my mind as Miller, like his brother Jim, has formed a hybrid style of bjj and wrestling that has proven to be very effective. He is a pretty decent wrestler combined with better stand up than Rosholt so he will make him work to get it to the ground. No doubt Rosholt will get many takedowns but once on the ground Miller will have the ability to put Rosholt in danger.

    Pure jiu jitsu can fold under pressure when a strong wrestler gets on top of them, but Miller is wrestler himself who has developed a ground game.

    Interesting matchup and Jake will have to rely solely on wrestling to ride out a decision.

    Of course I am going with the Jersey boy in this one.
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