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    Vicious right hand lands and sets Vinny down, Bader sprinkles in a few hammerfists, Vinny turtles, Herb Dean calls it at 2:18.

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    A good win Bader looked great.

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    Going along in that same vein Efrain looked like he improved a TON from his fights on the show. His fight with Phillipe was phenomenal.

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    Wrestling was very powerful during the Finale. Great win for both Efrain and Bader.
    I liked when Rogan argued Junies comment about "just what the UFC needs is another boring wrester"-He completely disagreed and said so many UFC greats have strong wrestling backgrounds. Good plug for wrestling.

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    Thanks for the vid...

    Vicious is right. That had some pop.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    If I remember correctly, Bader's shot caught Vinny behind the ear - very similar to where Brock hit Randy. Imagine if Bader's punch wasn't partially absorbed by Vinny's shoulder.

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