LoL, PJ don't let my counter points get you upset or ruin your day. We're merely having a discussion and you've determined that my unprofessional opinion is a joke, so don't allow it to upset you. Take it for what it is t you, only a joke.

You've been stuck on this tough guy thing and I suppose I have no option but to allow you to run with it, it is a free country for the most part, so don't take it so personal, being that I haven't even made this about toughness.

About Forrest Griffin, he made that statement in the current UFC promo for his fight with Rashad. He said he would not quit. You can't take his statements of how quickly he'll tap, at face value, because he always goofs around about how he's a lousy fighter and how he'll probably lose every time out. He thinks it's funny, you took him serious. Try and consider the context with that guy, he's a clown most of the time.