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Thread: Diego Sanchez moving to 155

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    Sanchez will have a pretty big size advantage over Edgar, he has a wrestling background himself and he is a great scrambler who is very good with sweeps. When he fought Parisyan the second he would hit the mat he was looking to escape and improve position.

    Excellent points. I am not a fan of Diego's but he has tremendous skill and is always working to improve. I think that he and Edgar would be a great fight. Being from the Shore area in NJ, I would have to root for Edgar.
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    Sanchez vs. Stevenson at UFC 95. Sanchez should put the beatdown on Joe Daddy.

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    personally i thought diego was big at 170. i think the cut to 155 will weaken him too much. alves won't last long making the cut to 170 either. someone is going to run the gas out of his tank. kos could have done it with a full camp behind him. that dude has giant ones for stepping in and taking on alves on three weeks notice. plain and simple.
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