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Thread: Lorenzo Fertitta interview

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    Default Re: Lorenzo Fertitta interview

    VAK - I was coming up with a hypothetical, but guys who get a $3g payday which is intended to cover training often spend more training for the fight than they make from fighting. Saying its their business model doesn't excuse it.

    I would imagine the UFC pays far less in overhead. Lorenzo almost says they pay $100g or so (up to $999,999 since its a 6 digit figure) for the arena. I figured they split that, and they usually get a gate of $2m or more. On most nights, the attendance covers salaries and venue costs.

    As far as advertising goes, most of that is covered by the PPV providers. The UFC of course pays for temporary billboard space, but the ads you see on cable/satellite come out of the providers share of the revenue

    Other sports pay the training costs of athletes, pay benefits (health, pensions), pay managers directly, pay guys who aren't actually playing. I would imagine the UFC pays a lot less than other sports, not more.
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    Default Re: Lorenzo Fertitta interview

    Other major league sports is paying salaries for scouts, subs who never play, coaches, stars who are hurt. His and Dana rationale for not apying these guys more is BS.
    There are two real reason:

    1. UFC is not a major league sport so they same rules do not apply. I don't understand the cost and salary structure for pro boxing, but that is a more appropriate model.

    2. UFC has a pratical monopoly and unlike the other pro sports their is no players union, so all the power is with management.

    Therefore they should just say: "We don't have to pay these guys more, so we won't"

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    That is the reality of the situation. It will take a lot to de-rail this Zuffa train.
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