I fear this place is a ghost town and this message will go unnoticed but i will forge on regardless.

I thought i would check in to see how everyone is doing. I am still in contact with adolf and pimach on a somewhat regular basis. Claudale has been MIA lately but I assume that is due to the ongoing wrestling season. I did get to see him over thanksgiving so we had a chance to catch up a bit.

I have not talked to leglace in a bit but I have no doubt that he scored the edgar/maynard fight 49-46 in favor of edgar. I am looking forward to the third fight, edgar showed incredible toughness, composure and skill and impressed everyone in colorado.

Who is attending nationals? I assume gjov, claudale, and metsfan will be around at least for a meet up. I will be in town, it would be nice if leglace, adolf, and pimach could attend as well. Id love to have a big get together, meet some for the first time, and reunite with others.